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February 2, 2011

Lately, I haven’t had the time or inclination to stop at a thrift store. I mean, I have enough stuff! It just seemed like too much work these days. Then my friend convinced me to join her for a Saturday morning romp. I reluctantly agreed.

Scanning the irregular displays and multiple colors, I walked into the shop almost weary, anticipating the work it would take to get me in the mood.  But I decided to give it my best effort  – for my friend’s sake. Maybe it would be fun.

Predictably, we sifted through the women’s tops first, almost mechanically. What was I doing here? Nothing looked interesting, even if it was my size. They were skimpy, or oddball colors. *Sigh* Oh! But then I felt a familiar twinge. I spyed a cute top that would look fabulous with my green vest. Good price, too. Ooo, Talbot’s. Even better. Suddenly my enthusiasm was building.

We continued through the vests, sweaters and jackets. My friend has a thing about tops and  lingered there for a while longer than I usually care to linger, but we eventually progressed onto the pants.

Luckily, this store was one of our favorites had the pants separated into sizes. We could easily find our way to the right spot. My friend tried on three pairs before finding some just-right jeans that she was looking for. I was totally taken by surprise by a pair of hiking pants that were in good shape, the right color and fit perfect. Sweet!

After this excitement, we cruised the trinkets in the housewares department. We played around with gadgets a bit and found some that were useful. My friend found a brand new rubber jar opener for me and I found a garlic peeler for her. All there was left to do was check out.

We moved to the counter to find someone in line ahead of us. So in suspense, we stood admiring our finds and commending each other for our good taste. When we finally got to the counter, I was so thrilled with my purchases that I couldn’t count my change. When it was over, I felt like screaming, but I composed myself.

So, even though sometimes it feels like a chore to get to the thrift store and take the time to shop, once you commit yourself to being there, you’ll find it very satisfying.