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The Rummage Sale Round-up

April 23, 2010

Look around. Rummage sales are popping up like so many daffodils. Spring seems to be the dominant season for these sales. You can find some in the fall, but not as many. In the Spring, the warm air somehow generates that energy to clean. Then the resulting catharsis makes you feel generous. I think the local churches are tuned into that inclination.

Rummage sales are a great fund-raisers for non-profits. I’ve noticed that most of the volunteer base for these organizations has grey hair. This includes churches, women’s auxiliaries, and hospital volunteers. For some reason this population has the rummage sale thing down. (Could it be an “age-related change” that scientists are not aware of?) They do such a great job of folding all the clothes into neat piles. I recommend you arrive at opening time to fully apreciate their work (not to mention getting the best shot at the quality items).

Shopping at a rummage sale requires a certain mindset. That you will find incredibly low prices is a given. What you have to prepare for is the adventure; the search; the hunt. Be prepared to handle multiple garments in the process of getting that bargain. Rummage rooms tend to be arranged by apparel categories, but not by size. So if you know your son needs sweatpants, you will know where to go first.

This month there are three rummage sales in my area that are put on by churches. I look forward to them every year. I hope you, too, will keep an eye out this Spring for the great sales in season.