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Who needs the lottery?

March 21, 2010

My friend thinks I am so lucky; I can find such great bargains at yard sales and thrift shops. Her case in point is the high-end Kitchen Aid gas stove I bought at a yard sale last year for $300. (It works perfectly and is a huge improvement over the previous cheap, chipped and leaking GE model that came with my house.) I do agree with her that the stove is a great find, but that does not mean that I am lucky. It just means I know what I am looking for and am ready when it appears.  

It would be different if I found the stove the first time I ever went to a yard sale. That would be lucky. But I go a lot. So my chance of getting a bargain increases significantly. That is something my friend doesn’t get. I get the feeling she thinks she is doomed to a life of retail because her planets are not aligned right or something. Not so! You gotta go to the thrift stores and yard sales if bargains are what you want. It’s like the lottery – you can’t win if you don’t play.


Newport Thrift Shop

March 7, 2010

37 John Stark Hwy
Newport, NH 03773
603 863-1637
Hours: Mon-Sat, 10-4

This shop has been an institution in Newport, NH for over 30 years. Run entirely on donations and volunteerism, this shop is organized and welcoming.  Now residing in the Newport Shopping Plaza, The Newport Thrift Shop is easy to find with plenty of parking.

Volunteers from the Newport Service Organization (NSO) staff the shop. Funds raised from their efforts go towards various health-related organizations and college scholarships. The community has been so supportive in return that two years ago the store was able to double its space to accommodate the generosity.

The store has one small and two large rooms. When you walk in the store there is a shelf of fine and interesting dishware to the left. Straight ahead at the center of the first large room is the check-out. There you can find out if there is a sale that day. As you continue to the left and around the perimeter, you will find small appliances, men’s shoes and clothing, sportswear, jeans, craft items linens, books and housewares. At the back of the first room is the entrance to the small but varied children’s section.

The second large room is to the right as you walk in the store. I would call this the women’s department. It has a wide assortment of women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories including plus sizes, maternity and formal wear.

The prices are fair and reasonable. Except for the beginning of the season, the store will have sales throughout the year, so you can get a great deal at any time. The best deal time is when they have their end-of-the-season bag sale. This happens twice a year in March and September. Then the store closes for a week so the volunteers can restock and redecorate for the coming season. When they reopen, the prices will be at their highest – but they are still quite reasonable. This is the time when the hidden treasures come out of the back room and one of my favorite times to visit.

The Newport Thrift Shop is one of the best of the classic hometown thrift shops. It has variety, friendly staff, lots of space, and good deals. Check it out next time you are passing through, and know that you are also giving back to the community as you shop.