Expect the Unexpected

You Find What You Want – Just When You Aren’t Looking For It

This past fall, I was on a kick to clear a small section of our woods. Once it was open enough to see through to the stone wall, all I wanted was an outdoor bench to sit on and enjoy my new space.

I looked at all the yard sales, the classifieds, and craigslist, but nothing was turning up. So I decided it was time to take a trip across the state line.

I headed to White River Junction, Vermont, to the ReCover Store. This store is the Thrift Shop version of Home Depot.  It is a nonprofit that helps to fund home repairs for disabled, low income, and elderly residents in the area. Since I was sure I would find the bench of my space-in-the-woods dreams, I drove our minivan so I could bring it home.

At the store, I had a great time browsing and dreaming through the housewares, books, cabinets, furniture, windows, doors and assorted building materials at The ReCover Store. But I did not see an outdoor bench. Hmmm. I finally bought a book on writing, and left, somewhat disappointed.

All was not lost, though, because I had looked up other thrift stores to visit while I was in town so I happily hauled the van around to explore. I found that the Second Hand Rose at the church was having a bag sale. I found the local Listen Thrift Store, a store that supports victims of domestic violence. And lastly, I found SEVCA (Southeastern Vermont Community Action) Thrift Store.

When I walked into SEVCA, I looked to my right and immediately forgot about my outdoor bench quest. There I saw a loveseat that looked like it was made to fit the space vacated by our piano six months ago. I casually (and cautiously) walked over to it, looked at the colors (brown with green tweed – nice), looked at the price ($100 for Pennsylvania House in excellent shape), and took out my measuring tape (just right). Could this be the one, after all this time?

I walked away from the loveseat onto the rest of the store. I found some pretty blue yarn (enough for a scarf), a pair of small binoculars, and a shirt for work. I paid for the small items and noticed that the store accepted charge cards. I walked over to the loveseat once more. I sat down on it.

This is the the loveseat. I added the pillows.

Understand – I don’t spend $100 easily. I reweighed the pros and cons of this purchase. Then a lightbulb went off in my head. I remembered that I had driven the van! I could see then, that all the pieces were in place for this purchase to happen –  and just when I least expected it.


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