How to Deal with Loss

Much to my family’s frustration, I have a tendency to lose things. Sometimes I lose big things, like my purse (Boy, was that a bummer.), but mostly I lose small things. I lose keys, sunglasses, reading glasses, hats, watches and gloves to name a few. There was a time when this caused me a lot of stress, but now I rely on Thrift Shops to ease the pain.

My attitude change came after leaving my gloves at a rest area coming back from a faraway family Thanksgiving celebration. (Argh!) As soon as I could, I visited all the local Thrift Shops to find a replacement. This caused almost as much strain as losing the gloves because of the hit-or-miss nature of Thrift Shops. I just couldn’t find what I wanted (and needed because it was cold!). But I would not consider buying retail. To me, that would be a double loss – the money and the item. At last, I did find a suitable pair, but the experience altered my thrift shopping practice.

Since I am aware that the sunglasses I’m wearing today may disappear tomorrow, I wander through thrift shops these days keeping an eye out for such elusive items. The great thing now is that while I am looking, I am under no pressure to buy. I am choosy and only buy the good stuff at a good price. I will buy almost any quality item that I, or my children, might lose.

Yes, this practice can lead to excess, but it is also very freeing. I have collected enough hats and mittens to lend out to the neighborhood – and I wouldn’t care if I ever saw them again. The larger lesson I have learned is that nothing is permanent; nothing lasts forever. That’s why I stock up at the Thrift Shop on all the items that are transient in my life, so that when they leave me – and I know they will – I don’t mourn their loss.


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