How to Start Thrift Shopping

My friend, who is not a thrift shopper, asked me how to get started in the thrift world. The question was odd to me at first. Like, what do you mean? It’s easy. You just walk in the store and start shopping. But then I thought about it. Not everyone has their thrift radar up like I do. So I am going to share a few strategies I use to find great thrift shops.

 So, you find yourself in a new city and have some time to shop, the easiest way to find a thrift shop is to look in the local phonebook. The Yellow Pages have two useful headings. One is “thrift,” and the other is “consignment.” These two headings should give you a fairly comprehensive list of the thrift shops in the area. Not only that, but you also get the street address and the phone number. (Definitely call first to find out if they are open.) Under the “thrift” heading will be stores run by not-for-profit organizations, while “consignment” will list stores that have single proprietors. Other useful Yellow Page headings are “clothing” and “resale.”

 If you are taking a trip, plan ahead for that thrift shop adventure. Do a web search for “thrift shops in (blank) city” before you go. This option not only gives you the address and the phone number of each shop, it also gives you a map. There may be a fabulous shop right around the corner from your hotel! As with the phonebook, try searching  “consignment” or “resale” for additional shops.

 To find thrift shops where you live, you can employ the above strategies to get you started. Or you can just keep your eyes and ears open. Certainly look closer at the churches. Many towns have a thrift shop connected to a church, so look for those little wooden signs. Once you find a thrift shop, ask the salesperson if there are any others in town. If they can’t help you, the other customers can, and they will surely tell you where the good ones are. 

Good luck! Let me know what you find.


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