Gifts from the Thrift Shop are Nothing to be Ashamed Of.

I started buying gifts for my three children from thrift shops out of necessity. We were broke.  So rather than burden their hopefull minds with excuses and apologies for “not getting much this year,” I got smart. I just shopped where I love to shop all year – at the thrift stores. This meant that the children never had to go without a variety of fun gifts under the Christmas tree.  

When the children were very little, it was all about toys with color and noise. These were easy to find in thrift stores, especially the stores that catered to children. Even if the toys weren’t in perfrct condition, a little soap and elbow grease made them sparkle, just like those tiny eyes.

As they grew, I could still find appropriate gifts that were special to them. I remember finding a beautiful tea set – in the box – that my daughter was thrilled with. There was the talking book that helped my son to learn how to read. The weaving kit that I bought my other daughter started her on her crafting way. I could even find educational computer games that matched our just-behind-the-times computer.

By now the children are on to me. And the things they have on their lists are too current to find at thrift shops. So I limit my thrift gifts to the truly unusual, not-to-be-found-elsewhere items. The great thing is that on Christmas morning those gifts still bring a sparkle to their eyes.



One Response to “Gifts from the Thrift Shop are Nothing to be Ashamed Of.”

  1. truco para Says:

    Great idea, thanks for this tip!

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