The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary When it’s Only Twenty-five Cents

 My summer Saturday mornings are spent venturing our back roads to the local yard sales. Recently I stopped at one farmhouse that, at first glance, appeared to offer very little. The folding tables were lopsided on the lawn and held mostly rusty tools and dishes. The clothes arranged on the blanket on the grass were mostly men’s or clearly not my size. But then something caught my eye.

Many people ask if I made this hat. I didn't, but brag about it as if I did.

I saw the prettiest winter hat. Usually, the last thing I want to think about on a hot summer day is winter clothing, but this item made me think again. It was green (my favorite color) with blue and tan mixed into a fine geometric pattern. The fabric was thick but not too heavy. As a bonus, it had a fleece band around the inside. It fit snug and soft around my head. A quality item to be sure.

In truth, I don’t need another winter hat. Because I knit, there are plenty of hats in my house to choose from. Can I rationalize this purchase? Let’s see. I do face the elements for my work, so a good warm hat is a comfort. Naturally, I like variety. This green hat is like none other in my collection. I decided to ask the young lady the price. She looked at the hat and tilted her head side to side.

 “Twenty-five cents,” she said. That was the answer that made up my mind.

Now my hat is the coolest winter hat on the planet. I know part of what endears the hat to me is the fact that I found it at a yard sale and paid so little. In a retail shop, I would have admired but passed it up, no matter how beautiful or unique. Now I can wear this extraordinary garment but keep the price . . . under my hat.


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